Top 3 reasons travelers to Kauai, Hawaii should rent a surfboard vs. ship their own

1. Ever-changing Airline Policies

Each airline has their own set of rules, guidelines, restrictions, limitations, etc. Name the regulation limitation and you’ll likely be able to find it. Even if we wanted to list the rules to ease your traveling arrangements, we likely could not because they might be changed before the completion of this article. The only regulation you can pretty consistently count on is the weight and dimension limitation for that beautiful long board you visualize yourself riding toes on nose. Countless stories of desperate surfers attempting to get their boards on a flight only to leave it at the gate abandoned, unchecked because it did not meet the regs. Truly, who really wants to spend all their time and effort to research these restrictions when you can find an equally premium board rental upon reaching the Aloha state.

2. Is that a ding in my board?

Have you ever sat on a plane and watched out the window as the crew loaded or unloaded cargo to/from the plane? Fragile and delicate typically would not be words used to define the visual. Try thrust, toss, shove, throw, maybe even an occasional kick to squeeze the last bag on. Your beautiful, fiber-glassed angel absorbs insult after insult as you sit helplessly wondering what the end result upon arrival will display.  And to top it off, don’t be surprised when the attendant at check-in asks you to sign a damage waiver. The end result, you will likely pay extra and STILL end up with board dings. Why risk it when you can find a surfboard rental on Kauai that takes that risk for you.

3. Money, money, and more money.

So you’ve spent too much on your ticket, paid for your luggage and now they’re going to slap you with additional fees for your surfboard. Most airlines now prohibit multiple boards from being included in a board bag so good luck sneaking on your additional favorite quiver. Many surfers will bring a rotation of fins to maximize their limited surfboard availability. And, to top it off be prepared for anything. Airline prices stagger and may vary dramatically. Good idea to prepare yourself for the shock ahead of time.

Don’t get hung up on airline restrictions. Rent from Surf Rentals Kauai! Save money, save time, surf more when you visit Kauai, HI.

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